Ram Stadium Turf Fund

Prior to the 2019 football season, the Shepherd University Athletic Department prioritized the replacement of the field turf at Ram Stadium. The existing turf, initially installed in 2008, had a 10-year lifespan and was overdue for replacement. This project was absolutely vital for Shepherd Athletics and the programs that call Ram Stadium home, for safety, performance, and marketing reasons.

The new turf was installed at Ram Stadium in July of 2019, and was used successfully for the 2019 Ram Football and the 2020 Ram Women’s Lacrosse season. While the turf itself was installed, the entire amount needed to pay it off has yet to be reached. Until that amount is reached, the Athletic Department at Shepherd University will have to put upcoming projects on hold. Please consider giving a gift below to help us officially complete the Ram Stadium Turf Replacement project, and allow Shepherd Athletics to continue moving towards the future!

Thank you!

The old turf at Ram Stadium, installed in 2008
The new turf at Ram Stadium, installed the summer of 2019

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