Hardwood Club

The Hardwood Club is a group of proud Shepherd University basketball alumni and supporters that have come together to support the men’s basketball program.

Like many higher education institutions in the country, Shepherd faces state budget cuts every year. Moving forward, we will need to rely on fundraised monies more than ever in order to provide competitive scholarship offers to our top recruits. These recruits will help us to become an annual contender in our conference that consistently plays in the NCAA tournament.

I want to assure you that I am going to lead a basketball program that you can be proud of. We are going to build our program with student-athletes who possess a strong character, who are going to be a positive influence in our community, who are going to go to class and graduate, and who are going to reach their potential in the classroom and on the court. This is the Shepherd experience and your donation to the Hardwood Club helps provide it to our student-athletes.

Justin Namolik
Head Men’s Basketball Coach