Auxiliary Weight Room Project

Due to circumstances surrounding Covid-19 and the guidelines and protocols that must be adhered to once our student-athletes return to campus, the Shepherd University Athletic Department is raising funds for two projects:

  1. We intend to purchase and install five new weight racks on the balcony overlooking the basketball court in the Butcher Center. This will expand our weight room offerings so that our student-athletes can work out and train efficiently, yet still follow the new social distancing guidelines coming into effect this year.
  2. We also intend to create an equipment manager position to help assist our programs with increased needs partially brought on by Covid-19. This position would essentially help our coaches with equipment maintenance, laundry, etc. and go above and beyond what our student managers currently are capable of doing. 

The overall cost of accomplishing these two projects is:


Your participation in and assistance with helping Shepherd University Athletics accomplish these projects that directly impact our programs and student-athletes is greatly needed and sincerely appreciated!

Please consider giving a gift through the form below:

Please direct any questions on gift pledges for this project to Andy Ferguson at 304-876-5527.